BONIFAY - As members of the local medical community, helping patients cope with breast cancer is not new to the staff at Doctors Memorial Hospital in Bonifay. That support role has taken on a new meaning, however, as DMH staff commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness Month by paying homage to two beloved co-workers.

Co-workers are rallying behind Emergency Department employee Meghan Bomann and Radiology Department employee Amanda Burbank to show support and celebrate the bravery of the two women, both who are actively battling breast cancer.

The hospital is also hosting a "Pink-O-Ween" event in the cafeteria at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 31 to celebrate those who fight the disease, as well as raise awareness.

"In support of two beautiful and beloved women of our staff, Doctors Memorial Hospital has made this month about more than just breast cancer awareness," said DMH Administrative Secretary Tracey Long. "It's a show of love and support, faith and hope. Breast cancer affects all of us, and like many things in life, it is not a battle meant to be fought alone. As a show of support to our families, staff, and community, pink pumpkins were submitted by departments at Doctors Memorial to honor our fighting women and to raise awareness of breast cancer in our community."

The Pink Pumpkin Contest is just a prelude to the upcoming Pink-O-Ween celebration. "The Pink-O-Ween party will include staff dressing in pink costumes, shout outs to our courageous women, and refreshments," adds Long. "Our message with this event is simply to offer hope, love, and support to those diagnosed with breast cancer because we make a difference in the lives of others by letting them know that they do not fight alone."