A story that ran in the October 4 edition of the Holmes County Times Advertiser on the Holmes County budget and millage erroneously reported the Holmes County Tax Collectors budget as $329,764. The correct budget amount is set at $533,385. The Times-Advertiser apologizes for this error.

The difference in amounts comes from the Tax Collector’s office being a fee-based entity. The county provides statutorily the $329,764. The remaining $203,621 comes from fees assessed for various commissions from DMV services provided in the office.

The largest expenditure is personal services totaling $458,640. This amount includes salaries, insurance and taxes.

While we strive to be error-free, should an error occur, it is the policy of the Washington County News to acknowledge and correct promptly.

Any errors should be called to the attention of Editor Carol Kent Wyatt, 850-638-0212, ext. 4005 or at cwyatt@chipleypaper.com