EBRO - Some say when you die you see the light.


That's the essence of the state government's response to Ebro City Council's request for an illuminated intersection, according to the Council.


At the intersection of State Road 79 and 20, nighttime drivers will see the red, yellow and green lights that beam from the stoplight; however, the light poles they're suspended from -- and just about anything other than street reflectors -- are not visible.


The council is dismayed after "several years" of pleading.


"All we want is it lit up, so people can see in a car," Ebro Mayor David Evans said at Thursday's council meeting.


"The state has said 'not enough people get killed'" at the intersection to warrant illuminating the area, Evans continued, "Well, a death? Life is worth more than for somebody dying" over streetlights.


"We've been asking for several years," he added.


Councilwoman Gina Rutherford challenged the council to raise their own funds for the lights; but, it was only out of desperation for something to be done.


"I'm tired of waiting and going 'please' 'please,'" she said, clasping her hands together. "It ain't happening guys," she said moments before.


According to Washington County Commissioner Tray Hawkins, who attended the council meeting, even if the City funded the lighting project, state government would remain with the power of authorization -- meaning, even with the funds, the project could be denied.


Hawkins recommended the council continue speaking with Senator George Gainer (R-Panama City) about it and pressure state officials to take action.


"It's a very dangerous intersection and (Washington County Board of Commissioners) would love to see the state do something about it," he said.


In other business at Thursday's meeting, the Council approved FY 2018 budget of $90,459.