BONIFAY – Holmes County Board of County Commissioners met September 30 in special session to approve the budget and millage rate for fiscal year 2017-2018.

The millage rate is set at 9.5000 - about 4.77 percent higher than the rolled back rate of 9.0676 that has a gross taxable value for operating purposes as $451,464,958.

The millage rate was raised in order to balance the General and Transportation Trust funds.

The budget has been set at $27,373,251, down from last year’s $ 32,939,776.

As usual, the county’s largest revenue will come from Ad Valorem taxes totaling $4,074,471.

The Sheriff’s Office is listed as the largest expenditure for the county, with a budget of $3,416,998. Although Holmes County Sheriff John Tate did not request an increase, the budget is up from last year’s $3,282,299. An increase of $134,699 is the largest in the budget. Personal services is the largest expenditure for the Sheriff's Office.

The Property Appraisers office had an increase from last fiscal year. The 2016-2017 fiscal budget totaled $515,882. The 2017-2018 fiscal budget is up $75,717 to total $591,599. Personal services is the largest expenditure for the office at $488,969.

Tax Collector Harry Bell’s office is the only agency not request an increase of any kind, in fact, the budget for the office is down by $2,874. The total budget for the office is set at $329,764.

All the government entities subject to this budget received a two percent increase across the board as a raise. Payments for insurance and retirement were also increased due to the increase.