BONIFAY – Tyler Everett of Holmes County Tourist Development Council spoke to the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners about raising the bed tax in the county from two percent to three percent when the board met in regular session September 26.

“Our job as the TDC is to put heads in beds,” said Everett. “Our county cannot afford to leave money laying around anywhere.”

The bed tax does not directly affect citizens of the county, rather those who visit and lodge in hotels/motels. The proceeds from the tax go mostly to the TDC to promote the county and draw in visitors to the area. Raising the tax could allow the county to earn about $160,000 more a year in revenue.

County Attorney Brandon Young was tasked with drawing up an ordinance on the matter. The first public hearing it expected to take place when the board meets in their next regular session.

Once again, the Local Option Gas Tax discussion between the county and its municipalities took place. The county is proposing to give an extra percent to Ponce de Leon, while the remaining municipalities stay at the current rate they receive. Bonifay, Noma, Westville and Esto all receive one percent. The county will give up the one percent and go to 85 percent should Ponce de Leon accept the proposal.

In other business, the county approved the hiring of Hannah Benton as the secretary for the board. Benton started on September 21 and is full time at $14 an hour.

County Engineer Cliff Knauer received approval to submit an application for legislative appropriations funding for a county annex building and an expansion to the jail. Should the funding be granted, the 48,000 square foot building would be built on the Agricultural Center grounds. The jail would expand the administration portion at the front of the existing structure and would add another pod for inmate housing.

Holmes County Board of County Commissioners will meet again in regular session at 9 a.m. on October 10.