WASHINGTON COUNTY – Residents needing building permits will soon have an easier time acquiring the needed paperwork, thanks to a decision to make permit packets available at each municipality's clerk's office within the next 30 days.

County Commissioner Tray Hawkins says the idea is to make building in Washington County as easy as possible.

“We want the people of Washington County to be able to go to their local municipality for any paperwork they need to build with,” said Hawkins. “We are beginning the process to provide each clerk's office with a system similar to the one utilized in the building department. If someone needs a permit for a pole barn or a new roof, the clerk will have the correct application at their fingertips.”

Although permit packets may be picked up at any town clerk's office, residents will still need to bring the completed forms to the Washington County Building Department, located at the county annex in main Chipley in order to pull the permit.

Hawkins also stated that by providing the paperwork through the clerks, the process will become easier for residents who don’t have internet service as a means of accessing the needed paperwork.

“Only 30 percent of Washington County residents have internet access," he said. "We want to make the process for building in our county as easy as possible, and for some, only having to make one trip to Chipley will make a world of difference. By setting up ‘satellite offices’ in each municipality, the task of building something has been made easier by one step.”