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Business name: Dom's Mobile Hut

Business contact information: 850-547-3667; 506A South Waukesha Street in Bonifay

Number of employees: 6

Owner’s or manager's name: Dominic Garcia

Business services provided: Sells every Verizon Wireless related phone, sells phone and tablet accessories, provides "truly unlimited" internet service, has a master technician available to perform phone and tablet repair (Most often with same-day service), and more

Years in business: 2 years with a flagship store in Marianna

How you got into this business: Garcia worked for Verizon Wireless for nine years and now brings his expertise to Holmes, Jackson, and surrounding counties

What you like most about your business: Garcia states he enjoys being able to help the customer right away with their needs. "We are truly a one-stop shop with communications," he said, "and I love saving people money. I challenge people to bring in their bills so that I can beat what they are paying now."