Dear Editor,

Danny Tyree's column "Low-impact dirt naps" from two weeks ago brought up the issue of green cemeteries and put their advantages clearly: "If you're unfamiliar with the concept, green burials are an attempt to decrease our carbon footprint and exist more harmoniously with nature. Among other distinguishing characteristics, they call for no toxic embalming fluid, no metal casket and no concrete vault."

Right next door, in Walton County, we have just such an opportunity. Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve, on SR 83 between Glendale and Bartlett Road, was chartered as a 501(c)(13) trust by the Wilkerson family in 2002. After my wife passed five years ago, hospice nurses obtained both a death certificate and a yellow form permitting the transportation of her body. My neighbor Caleb drove her remains and me over to Glendale that evening. Then, with light from a backhoe and a bonfire, burial happened right away with simplicity and respect. The total cost for the site and for digging and closing the grave was $1800. In due time my body will rest beside hers.

For pictures and services go to -- two hundred acres of grassland with longleaf pines can welcome lots of us after our last hour.

Robert Allenson