Business Name: Everything must Go (EMG)

Business Contact Information: 665 Martin Luther King Drive Chipley, Florida 32428 (850)-326-5351

Number of Employees: 2

Owner: Pamela Holmes

Business Service Provided: EMG is a speciality store. We strive to make your shopping experience a relaxing escape from the stress of your daily life. When you walk through the door, You'll hear the country gospel playing. You are then taken back in time. We offer a variety of products. Some are one of a kind, hard to find, and some you may have never seen before. Personalized customer service, is our greatest asset. It is our mission make you feel reminiscent of the "good ole days". For those who may want to downsize we will gladly buy your stuff.

Years In Business: 5 years, formerly located at 812 Main Street

How did you get in this business: My husband started watching the televison show " Storage Wars" and decided he wanted to it also. The first time he went to an auction he purchased 13 units from this " Everything Must Go" was born. It started out as a any or everything store, but now we specialize in mostly antiques, collectibles, and oddities.

What do you like most about Your Business: Of course I'm in business to make money, but I also like meeting people and interacting with them. Sometimes just having a conversation with someone that might be feeling down or maybe they might need to hear a funny story to make them laugh. I would say the fellowship with my customers is what I love most of all.