Dear Editor,

I am writing in an attempt to alert and inform everyone the danger I believe Waste Management is about to bring down on the North Florida Aquifers, the water supply for 10 million people.

Their petition to sink a Deep Injection Well (DIW) at their garbage mountain site near Campbellton has now been submitted to the Florida Department Of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and unbelievably, is likely to be granted.

Once approved for an exploratory well, step one of their plan is fulfilled.

Their petition calls for drilling this so called "exploratory well" right in the middle of their toxic waste water holding ponds - not a safe choice of location to explore through our aquifers.

The leachate (toxic garbage juice) could disappear down that rabbit hole before the sun comes up again if they are granted this permit.

Who will be there to prevent it? They intend to pass this pipeline through all three of our pristine aquifers in order to pump all manner of toxic liquids, under very high pressure (thousands of PSI), into the fragile limestone and dolomite formations below our aquifers. This is the same principle used in fracking and I believe would poison our aquifers from below.

These DIWs have failed in over half the places they have been used already, causing mass pollution to our nation's water supplies. Florida is the most unsuitable place in the country for this type of well due to the fact of our being only a few feet above sea level and the rock formations deep down are limestone and dolomite.

Some may recall from science classes that limestone is dissolved by the carbonic acid in rain water. This accounts for the thousands of limestone caverns throughout Florida and especially prevalent in North Florida.

These are not the kind of deep rock formations that stop water from passing through them. That nasty, toxic water could rise up throughout our aquifers, contaminating them at a very rapid rate

"Phase Two" of their scheme, by their own admission, is to apply for another permit to convert this same well into a "Class 1" well. The only ones who can stop this is us, all of us acting in unison and standing up to this powerful corporation and the regulatory agencies that are failing us.

Waste Management cares only for their profits. They have already proven this, with their acceptance of every manner of garbage from every entity and dozens of surrounding counties willing to pay them. They are not drinking the potentially polluted water or smelling the fouled air emanating from this ever-growing mountain of waste. They are only smelling the millions more in profits that can be milked from their reckless operation at the Springhill Site.

The people must be alerted and informed about what is taking place. Your involvement. Plenty of prayers will help us too! Thank you my good friends for your help. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose!


Glenn Nunley. North Florida

"Eco Warrior" and "Concerned Citizen"