CHIPLEY — Washington County is among all Florida municipalities that will have to determine where marijuana dispensaries may open shop now that seven distributors in the state were given license to open dispensaries for medical marijuana sales.

Washington County Board of County Commissioners discussed which factors would help shape an ordinance setting regulations for future local dispensaries in the May 17 workshop.

County Attorney Jeff Goodman advised the board of the need to determine where schools and churches are to know proximity to any potential dispensary sites. Waiting for the state to set precedence for the regulations remains priority before any decisions are made by the county.

Ted Everett, Executive Director of the Economic Development Committee, advised the board of updates from the Chipley Redevelopment Agency (CRA). The final plan for the CRA is expected to come in June along with ideas on the alleyway project. One of the ideas for the project is to attach gutters to the buildings on either side of the alleyway between the dry cleaners on Railroad Ave. and the back of the old Johnny Waits building on Main   Street. The gutters would prevent rain water from flooding into the buildings set below the alleyway.

Grants from the CRA are available to business owners in the agency, as well as residential owners. For more information on those grants, contact the Chipley CRA at 850-638-6350.

The E-911 offices will be moving over to the county annex soon as part of a one stop shop. The Sheriff’s Office will retain fiscal responsibility of E-911 until Oct. 1, when the county will take it over.

A public hearing concerning the Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) Committee is slated for the final reading of the resolution during the next regular session. Five committee members have been selected and will be announced at the meeting.

An ordinance concerning the $3,000,000 line of credit on FEMA projects will be open to public comment next week. The ordinance is slated to be finalized on June 20.

In other items discussed, a spending cap on the communications committee is to be put into an ordinance allowing $2,500 to be spent before requiring board approval. The ordinance is expected to be approved at next weeks regular session meeting. A study on radio coverage for the county emergency services is also set to be approved. The cost will be $400 to be paid out of communication funds.

A purchase of a new vehicle for the Ag. Extension office is also expected to be approved.

County Engineer Cliff Knauer advised the board that they are awaiting the go ahead from Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to request bids on the Kirkland Road resurfacing and drainage project.

Washington County Board of County Commissioners will meet again in regular session at 9 a.m. on May 25.