BONIFAY - Holmes County Clerk of Circuit Court Kyle Hudson says his office has launched a new service for residents to monitor activity associated with their properties.

Trieshield is an electronic notification system that works with official records to alert property owners of any activity filed under their name.

"According to the FBI, mortgage and other property fraud is a growing crime that threatens homeowners, businesses, and our community," said Hudson.

"Your property, business, and other valuable assets can be compromised if someone files fraudulently records a document in your name."

Hudson compares the service to keeping a check on credit reports and financial accounts in an effort to look out for potential red flags that could point to identity theft.

Trieshield monitors official records filed in the Holmes County clerk's office throughout the day. When a document is filed under a name a resident has registered, the system will alert the user via email or text message that same day.

The service is free to Holmes County residents.

"As the elected clerk, it is my duty to protect and maintain all legal documents and official records filed in Holmes County," said Hudson. "It is my pleasure to introduce Trieshield as the next step in my commit to that mission."

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