CARYVILLE — Caryville residents are projected to see a rate increase on their water bills taking effect in July.

Caryville Town Council received a presentation from Bob Mearns of Florida Rural Water Association in the April 11 regular meeting on a rate study showing the town’s current water rate is costing the town more money to supply than it is recouping in bill payments.

The proposed rate increase is $5 for each 1,000 gallons of water consumed over 3,000 gallons within the city limit. The recommended rate for water customers outside the city limit is the same, plus an additional 25 percent charge.

“This will dissuade someone from unnecessarily using the water,” said Mearns. “We thought we were water rich at one time, especially in this state, and we found we are not.”

The council passed a motion made by Councilman Tommie Pittman and seconded by Councilman Henry Chambers to move forward on drafting ordinances to impose the rate increase and requirement for all residents inside the city limit to be connected to the public water system. This would affect residents inside the city limits currently on well water.

It will not change that water readings are collected around the 20th of each month with bill payments due on the 10th.