BONIFAY – A potential administration reorganization for the new Bonifay K-8 school was a hot button issue when the Holmes County School Board met in workshop Tuesday, April 4.

School Superintendent Terry Mears stated he would like to advertise for the principal and two assistant principal positions - essentially requiring Bonifay Elementary Principal Rod Jones and Assistant Principal Beverly Sallas and Bonifay Middle School Principal Donald Etheridge and Assistant Principal Shey Bowers to reapply for their jobs.

“I would like to advertise for the positions because we have a new school that needs the best leadership we can provide," said Mears.

School board members voiced disapproval of the idea.

“We have people already in leadership positions that have proven their ability to run a school," said District 3 board member Alan Justice. "Why do we want to fix what is not broken?"

The topic was discussed again when the board met in regular session immediately after but died on the floor due to the lack of a motion, leaving the board and Superintendent Mears are odds on how to fill the positions. The issue will be revisited board when the board meets again in regular session at 9 a.m. on April 18.

The workshop also included discussion of the sale of the old elementary school campus to the county for use as a government annex.

The Holmes County Board of County Commissioners made an introductory offer of $250,000 to the school district for the land and building. The school board rejected that offer, opting to look at the property's fair market value before making a counter offer. Negotiations for the sale of the property are expected to be ongoing.