BONIFAY — Industries relying on the aviation community as a critical component to their business will find a unique opportunity at Tri-County Airport.

The publicly owned airport serving Holmes, Washington and Jackson Counties offers possibilities for economic growth now that runway extension is complete. Tri-County Airport’s 5,400-foot runway and 300 acres of largely undeveloped property now have the mixed use airport uniquely positioned to bring commerce to the region.

Airport Manager Ed Bowers said construction will soon begin on four new hangars to add to the airport’s rental income, but the Tri-County Airport Authority Board hopes to see commercial tenants in the near future. Local economic development authorities have said adding infrastructure to the airport would be a plus in attracting new vendors looking for sites ready to occupy.

“We’d like to see some industry come that will bring jobs to the area, and we’re working diligently on that,” said Bowers.