BONIFAY- When the ground was broken on Bonifay's new K-8 school in October 2015, everything was on a timeline. That timeline has been followed almost to the letter. With the exception of being rained out, the work has not stopped on the project. The completion for the building itself is still set for June 21.

The 250,000 square foot building will save the school district roughly $150,000 a year in energy costs by consolidating the elementary and middle schools into one facility. The current elementary school was built in 1970 and the middle school was erected in 1954. The middle school campus is slated to be used as district offices while the elementary campus’ use is still unknown.

Currently, gym flooring has arrived and is being acclimated to be installed at the end of the month. The district has begun ordering furniture for the facility that will have staggered delivery dates between May and June. Teachers are expected to be able to start preparing their classrooms by the last week in July.

Tallahassee based Culpepper Construction have worked diligently to keep the project on track and on schedule in order for classes to begin at the new campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.

February was a productive month for the project seeing brick veneer on the outer walls being almost complete. Hanging of drywall has been completed with the first layer of paint having been done as well. Electrical has begun installation throughout the first and second floors as well as tile being laid. The tile work is expected to be done by the end of March.

The new school will include advantages not available at the old campuses such as, improved security measures, upgraded technology, offices and classrooms being locked under a new key system and less disruption during instructional hours due to classrooms being paired and connected to share restrooms.

The maximum cost of building the new school is just over $38,000,000, which is funded mostly by the state. The district will foot a bill of $850,000 that will be paid out over a three year period.

Landscaping is one of the last tasks on the list for completion due to use of heavy equipment usage as well as playground equipment being installed on the south side of the school. Lists for technology hardware for classrooms and operating infrastructure are being compiled currently. Procurement of these items is expected to pick up speed soon with construction completion on the horizon.

Facilities manager Buddy Brown states the districts hopes to host an open house and ribbon cutting during the first week of August.