HOLMES AND WASHINGTON COUNTIES - It has been a wet week in Holmes and Washington counties, with flood warnings expected to be cancelled sometime today as local rivers continue to fall.

Locally, the Choctawhatchee River at Caryville, Bruce/Ebro, and Pittman along Highway 2 has been the chief concern.

The river level reached 14.94 feet at Caryville - nearly 3 feet above its flood stage - but is expected to fall to just below flood stage by Wednesday evening.

The river level at Bruce/Ebro reached 17.66 feet - nearly 5 feet above flood stage of 13 feet. The site remains in minor flooding, with forecasts predicting the river level will fall to 14 feet Saturday, Jan. 14.

At 20 feet, the river level at Pittman was back below flood stage by Monday but has reached 26 feet Jan. 5 and 6. Flood stage at Pittman is 23 feet.

While river levels continue to fall, the National Weather Service (NWS) advises that flood conditions continue.

NWS also advises the flood stage for the Choctawhatchee River will be modified to better reflect impacts from flooding along the Caryville portion of the river.

The updated flood stages will take effect February 8 and come after an analysis of several significant floods in the 1990s, review of Florida Department of Transportation highway elevation data, and feedback from the Washington and Holmes County Emergency Management Agencies. The adjustments will not reclassify the 1990, 1994, and 1929 floods; all three events remain classified as major floods.

New flood levels for the Choctawhatchee River at Caryville are: Action Stage - 10 feet (unchanged); Minor Flood Stage - 14 feet (up 2 feet); Moderate Flood Stage - 16 feet (unchanged) and Major Flood Stage - 20 feet (down 7 feet).

NWS has also issued an updated set of impacts for areas along the Choctawhatchee River at Caryville for specific stage


30 feet - Water reaches the road surface of Interstate 10 between Exit 104 and the Choctawhatchee River Bridge in Washington County. The interstate is subject to closure at this level.

27 feet - All areas in Westville east of CR 179A and west of CR 179 in Caryville flood. The water will be several feet deep in some areas.

24 feet - Water reaches Palmer Drive in Caryville, flooding several residences. Water begins to flood structures in Westville near Ritter Road and CR 179A.

23 feet - US 90 is flooded up to a foot deep east of the Choctawhatchee River bridge in Caryville. Water also reaches the base of the US 90 bridge and the highway is subject to closure at this level.

21 feet - The access ramps to Interstate 10 at CR 279 begin to flood at this level.

20 feet - Water begins to flood US 90 about one half mile east of the bridge in Washington County. Water will cover portions of the railroad.

18 feet - Water begins to flood areas along CR 279 in Washington County north of Interstate 10. Several structures along the highway south of US-90 begin to flood.

17 feet - Water reaches CR 179 in Holmes County near the intersection with Boat Ramp Rd.

16 feet - Highway 279 south of Interstate 10 begins to flood in Washington County. Rural roads in the area will also flood.

15 feet - In Holmes County, Water begins to flood areas off Buck Rodgers Road east of CR-179A in Holmes County. Access to several of the fish camps become inaccessible above this level.

14 feet - In Holmes County, Boat Ramp Road south of CR-179 will flood. Access into several of the fish camps off Boat Ramp Road may become inaccessible above this level.