CHIPLEY - With the inaugural school year well underway for the new Kate M.Smith Elementary School in Chipley, Washington County School Board members are making plans for the old campus, located on Sinclair Street.

An inventory of remaining components is now in process, with district principals making a list of items that can be repurposed for use at other schools. An auction is forthcoming to dispose of items not kept, including surplus portable buildings, furniture, and kitchen equipment.

Demolition plans are also in the works, with only the cafeteria, third grade wing, and covered play area to be kept.

The cafeteria will be used as a conference facility, and the play area shelter will be re-located to property adjacent to the historic ChipleyHigh School.

The third grade wing will serve as the new Washington County School District Office.

The existing office, currently located on Second Street, will house the district's technology hub, which will be moved from the old ChipleyHigh School campus.

About 14 acres of surplus property from the old campus will also be listed for sale.

With the relocation of the Chipley's elementary school comes reevaluation the three-way stop at the intersection of Sinclair Street and West Boulevard. School district officials advised the City of Chipley the stop sign is no longer needed for student safety, and members of Chipley City Council are expected to review the area and make a recommendation on whether to remove the sign.

"These are all tentative plans as we speak," said School Superintendent Joe Taylor. "But we are excited."