Household water well owners should inform themselves about flood threats

Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 04:20 PM.

Household water well owners should call a contractor for an assessment of the well system.

Arrangements for an alternative water supply such as bottled water should be made until the well has been cleaned, serviced, disinfected, tested, and the water proven safe to drink.


Well owners should not attempt to service their wells due to safety risks, including electrocution, and the potential to create more damage.


Even under normal circumstances, proper disinfection of a water well can be difficult for the untrained. The proper type and amount of disinfectant, its distribution throughout the system, contact time with the water and well components, and the well’s cleanliness can impact the effectiveness of water well disinfection.

When a well is flooded, disinfection can become even more problematic due to the introduction of organic matter into wells, which can react with disinfectants to create disinfection byproducts considered a health risk.

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