Articles by Save the Manatee Club

  • Pull Some Heartstrings This Valentine’s Day – Adopt a Real Manatee!

    Valentine’s Day is a special time to show some heart. Save the Manatee Club suggests giving meaningful, green, and compassionate manatee gift adoptions to loved ones this Feb. 14. READ MORE

  • Celebrate Spring – Adopt-A-Manatee®!

    Spring is full of wonders. For those looking to delight family and friends with Easter and spring gifts this year, Save the Manatee Club suggests surprising them with manatee adoptions. READ MORE

  • Spot a Sick or Distressed Manatee?

    Manatees continue to suffer from the catastrophic effects of red tide in southwest Florida and also on the east coast in Brevard County where a large number of manatees have died, possibly from a different toxin. READ MORE

  • Give Special Thought to Mother’s Day – Adopt-A-Manatee®

    How about giving a Mother’s Day gift this year that’s inspiring and helpful, just like mom? Save the Manatee Club suggests a real, live manatee gift adoption, which will please mom and also help keep endangered manatees safe and protect the Florida waterways they call home. READ MORE

  • Adopt a Loveable Manatee for Father’s Day

    Go beyond the usual this Father’s Day. Save the Manatee Club suggests a real Florida manatee gift adoption for caring dads, everywhere. Select from 35 living manatees with known histories in the Club’s adoption programs including Rocket, Brutus, Doc, Paddy Doyle and other great choices for dad. READ MORE

  • Stay Safe, Manatees!

    It’s peak boating season in Florida, and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday and the weekend following means the waterways will be jammed with recreational boaters. Save the Manatee Club urges the boating community to be on the lookout for manatees, and offers free boating banners and other public awareness materials to protect the endangered marine mammals. READ MORE

  • In Time for Labor Day

    A Florida-based corporation, EarthNC, through their conservation venture Conserve.IO, has teamed up with Save the Manatee Club to help boaters reduce the chance of hitting and harming manatees in Florida waterways, with the free “Manatee Alert App.” READ MORE

  • Dire Year for the Manatee

    2013 has become the deadliest year ever for Florida’s endangered manatees. READ MORE

  • Free Boating Banners & Signs Available

    Many Floridians and visitors to the Sunshine State will be heading to the water over the Memorial Day Weekend. Remember that manatees and other wildlife will be enjoying the waterways, too, so boaters are reminded to keep a watchful eye out for them, cautions Save the Manatee Club. READ MORE