BONIFAY — Commissioner Bobby Sasnett once again pressed that he would need his “yard” moved during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

BONIFAY — Commissioner Bobby Sasnett once again pressed that he would need his “yard” moved during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Holmes County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

“We have got to do something about it and we’ve got to do something about it soon,” said Sasnett. “I’ve have to go there often and gas prices are high.”

A “yard” is a central location for each district which is supervised by the commissioner of that district and contains fuel tankards, work equipment, etc. for maintaining that district.

Chairman Monty Merchant motioned that the issue be tabled until they can find a more sensible solution.

“To me it would be more sensible not to move a yard just to have to move it again,” said Merchant. “I know it’s inconvenient right now but it would be bad to move it and then find a more suitable place and have to move it again. I make a motion to renew the current lease for the time being and continue to look for a more suitable solution.”

The Board approved of Merchant’s motion with a vote of 4 to 1, with Sasnett voting “no.”

Merchant continued the discussion of possibilities for the yard.

“We do need to act rather quickly,” said Merchant. “It is a good ways away from Sasnett.”

Several possibilities discussed were District 1 and 2 sharing yards and possibly expanding it to include a pit.

“There is quite a bit to consider,” said Commissioner Bill Parish. “Like high traffic zones, flood zones and accessibility. We could possibly get District 1 or 2 with an engineer to look at possible property so that when we move we move swiftly and efficiently.”

They agreed that if a workshop were necessary to work out just this issue then one would be established.

Shay McCormick with Holmes County EMS was present to explain the Med 8 Repeater’s return to Holmes County responsibility.

McCormick explained that Med 8 was a state required channel used statewide by medical facilities and organizations to communicate with each other.

“Fortunately Doctors Memorial Hospital has had responsibility and now they are requesting that the county assume the responsibility,” said McCormick.

McCormick confirmed that the equipment, which is attached to one of the local towers, would be of no financial concern unless something should happen to it, which then it was covered under the county’s insurance.

When asked why it had been in the hospital’s care, McCormick said that it had been so long ago placed in the hospital’s care that there’s no account as to why.

The board approved of McCormick’s request to submit six grants for a new ambulance, a new cardiac monitor and laptop for an ambulance.

The board also approved of EMS new hires for the non-emergency transport van. McCormick explained that they are part-time and on call, meaning they wouldn’t be used unless they were needed and there would be no additional money going in to pay for them.

Merchant informed the board that there was a request from a Haney Technical Center student wishing to intern for the county.

“She would need direct supervision but her work would be at no cost to the county,” said Merchant. “We could use her, pending proof of being covered under liability.”

The motion died due to a lack of a second.

Resident Jeffery Johnson came before the board requesting to properly vacate a street that dead-ends next to a piece of property he purchased recently.

“It’s 8.5 acres of usable land, but if that piece of street was properly vacated it would be 10.6,” said Johnson.

Merchant said that it was a pretty simple matter to be resolved and they seen no reason why not to, but it would have to be tabled until County Attorney Jeff Goodman returned.

“Our attorney isn’t here and we’ve got to go through a process,” said Merchant. “We don’t have a problem with it, we just have to go through the proper channels.”

Board approved of the Holmes County Public Library’s Facilities Maintenance Request to install bookshelves at the library.