CARYVILLE — Returning Town Council Members Nora Curry and Jim Taylor were sworn in after running unopposed during the regular meeting of the Caryville Town Council on Oct. 8.

CARYVILLE — Returning Town Council Members Nora Curry and Jim Taylor were sworn in after running unopposed during the regular meeting of the Caryville Town Council on Oct. 8.

Election of the council’s chairman and co-chairman was postponed until the next meeting due to the absence of Chairman Henry Chambers.

“I want to give a hats off to Caryville Flea Market’s Paron Beeco,” said Council Member Millard French. “He has brought in the biggest crowd Caryville has ever seen with the flea market.”

Beeco confirmed that the crowd had reached record highs for this year’s Flea Across Florida, which was a flea market event on Sept. 13 and 14 stretching 272 miles from Live Oak to Pensacola held along State Road 90. The event had a counted attendance of 6,839 visitors.

“I’d like to take this chance to thank the Florida Department of Corrections for allowing us to use inmates for the majority of the labor,” said Beeco. “The band was requested to return and we had over 45 vendors that most of them has assured they will return for the next Flea Across Florida, which is in 180 days and will only be a two-day event. We’ll also be holding a Christmas Holiday Sale on Dec. 13 and 14.”

He also reported that they might have a food vendor to attend every Saturday offering lunch specials between $5 and $7. Beeco also requested that the council consider connecting water to be available at the flea market and suggested that it be locked up and regulated like the electricity.

Caryville Volunteer Fire Department will be holding a Fall Festival at the fire department on Oct. 26.

The council approved of Caryville’s Halloween observance to be held from 5 to 7 p.m. on Oct. 31.

French recommended that the Caryville Fire Department look into the possibility of establishing a Women’s Auxiliary Club.

“Those women can do just about anything and I believe that you’re missing out on a lot of additional funds by not utilizing their talent and hard work,” said French.

Caryville Town Attorney Lyndia Spears informed the council that she received a letter for the Holmes County Supervisor of Elections requesting that Spears write a letter to verify she has addressed an issue involving French’s residency.

“I got a post card in the mail to verify my address so I called the Supervisor of Elections to find out what was going on,” said French. “She tells me that there’s this girl, Jennifer, that keeps hounding her and raising hell about verifying my home address. It was getting to the point where she was telling her to go and take her to the very place where I lay my head.”

Spears apologized about the inconvenience but as a formality they must take the steps required to dispel any doubt of his residency.

“Caryville has a very specific ordinance about being a resident of Caryville and we must address these issues when they arrive,” said Spears. “You’ve done all you were supposed to do and all that you could do. We’ve had issues like this arise before and all I advised you to do is to just respond.”

French explained that his property was inherited and was split between him and his brother. He said he took the property with the house and his brother took the property with the café, French's Restaurant.

The council approved of allowing Taylor to look into the possibility of holding a gospel sing at the Caryville Worm Fiddling Building.

“Bonifay’s done away with their all-night gospel sing so I think this is an excellent opportunity to give it a shot,” said Taylor.

Before approving the monthly budget, French inquired about a payment of $300, which was confirmed to be payment for four months of rent for a portable toilet at the flea market.

Beeco informed the council that the toilet was cleaned once a month at a charge of $75 but had been locked up and unable to be used since Sept. 15. He also informed the council that the portable toilet service he rents is $65 and is cleaned once a week plus any additional times.

“So you’re saying we’re paying $75 a month for a toilet that we’re not even using and is only pumped out once a month?” asked French. “I’m just saying that there’s something wrong with this picture.”

Council member Ransom Works strongly advised that the council not do anything hasty and council agreed to allow the town to research other available services before terminating services with their current portable toilet provider.

During a special called session on Sept. 19, Council approved of Resolution 13-003, which is a resolution for the Town of Caryville to maintain the right-of-ways on State Road 90 within the town limits of Caryville for the amount of $9,349.56 per year to be paid by the Florida Department of Transportation.

“We’ll be paid per quarter and we only have to mow seven times a year and pick up trash 12 times a year,” said French. “It’s a fair deal for the town.”

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Caryville Town Council is set for 6 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Caryville Town Hall.