VERNON — Mayor Michelle Cook told the Vernon City Council that the postponed Fourth of July event is going to be held on Aug. 31.

VERNON — Mayor Michelle Cook told the Vernon City Council that the postponed Fourth of July event is going to be held on Aug. 31.

The city council held its July meeting at City Hall on Monday.

“We won’t have a parade this year, and the event will begin at 5 p.m.,” Cook said. “We still will have entertainment by Gilley’s, and the fireworks will start at 9 p.m.”

The event was postponed due to the flooding that occurred in Vernon on July 4 when the area received over 20 inches of rain in the matter of a couple of days.

Several buildings and homes were damaged in Vernon — the cost of the damage to the community has been estimated at $2.1 million. Cook said she has continued to work to collect information for the city’s effort to collect FEMA assistance, but asked if someone else on the council could help her since she is also busy planning the Aug. 31 event.

Councilman Tray Hawkins volunteered to help. “If you can just bring me what you have so far I can take that on,” he said.

The Washington County Tourist Development Council approved an additional $100 for the city of Vernon during its meeting Monday afternoon to help the city promote the rescheduled event.

City Clerk Dian Hendrix asked the council for clarification on the matter of a final attorney’s bill from former city attorney Kerry Adkison.

“I received this email, and I was not sure if the city wanted an itemized bill for just this one item or for all of them,” Hendrix said. Adkison was under the impression the city wanted an itemized bill for just one of the listed charges, she said.

“I would like to see an itemized list for the whole bill,” Councilwoman Gwen March said.

“That is what we discussed,” Hawkins added.

March asked that Hendrix seek an itemized bill so the council could discuss it at the next council workshop.

Vernon Garden Club member Tom Holman asked the council if the garden club could begin holding its monthly meetings in the City Hall instead of in the old high school.

Hendrix said the room the garden club had been using in the old high school sustained water damage in the July 4 weekend flooding. “We’re going to get that room cleaned out,” she said.

Club member Rhonda Dickenson asked if the club couldn’t just meet in Room No. 3 instead. “That other room is wet and smells moldy, I don’t think we should be meeting in there.”

Holman said the garden club is up to 30 members, and the group will begin meeting again in September.

The council agreed the club could use the alternative room for their monthly meetings.

“I have a request,” Hawkins asked Holman and Dickenson. “In Wausau, the garden club gives out a ‘Yard of the Month’ award. Do you think we could start doing something like that in Vernon?”

Holman agreed that the club could begin that program, presenting the winners with a certificate at the monthly city council meetings and perhaps providing a sign for the lawn.

Hawkins said the city had tried the punitive method of getting people to take care of they lawns, to little avail. “Maybe if we try the carrot we’ll get more participation.”