BONIFAY — Work replacing and expanding the city’s water/sewer system has come to a halt due to the threat of heavy rains, the Bonifay City Council learned on Monday, July 22.

BONIFAY — Work replacing and expanding the city’s water/sewer system has come to a halt due to the threat of heavy rains, the Bonifay City Council learned on Monday, July 22.

“We most likely won’t be able to resume until some time next week,” explained Zack Worley, representative from Hatch Mott MacDonald. “I would like to inform you that we’re taking every step to make needed adjustments as we go.”

The council approved of $9,700 for a culvert and junction box near Jackson Avenue and to reline the pipe on State Road 79 instead of replacing it, by request of the state Department of Transportation.

The council also approved of donating $500 to the Holmes County Dixie Youth All Stars as they head to the Nationals in Alexandria, La.

“After an undefeated season we won State and now we’ll be heading to Alexandria, La. for the Nationals to represent not only Bonifay but the State of Florida,” said Head Coach Matt Tate. “These kids have worked hard to get where they are and we appreciate all the support you’ve shown. We’ll do our city proud.”

Council agreed to allow the Bonifay Blue Devils’ peewee football team to practice on the large baseball field at the Bonifay Recreational Facility, but requested that no practice is held on Thursdays, due to a local church hosting flag football games for the local children.

“We’ve got over 90 boys and girls playing this year and over 40 cheerleaders and we just needed a little bit more room to play,” said Head Coach Noah Bowen. “We thank you for all you do for us.”

Resident and business owner Wayne Sellers came before the council to voice a few complaints.

“One, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop sending your police officer to harass me about the appearance of my property,” said Sellers. “I understand that broken glass is a safety issue but before you go looking at any one’s property you best be looking at your own, because I’ve been complaining for over 17 years about these trees growing in these ditches and that retention pond.”

He added that the city had caused some damage to his parking lot as well and that elevated patchwork is was causing water to flow towards his place of business.

“You cut up my parking lot a few years back and haven’t done anything about it and now you’re giving me 30 days to comply with you; why don’t I give you 30 days to comply with me?” said Sellers.

Council member Richard Woodham confirmed that the patchwork on his parking lot was causing drainage issues and council agreed to allow Public Works Supervisor Jack Marell to look at it and get an estimation of repairs.

Marell also informed Sellers that the Department of Transportation had informed him that they were going to use some of their equipment to remove the trees in the ditches and retention pond.

“I’m not downing your ordinance; it’s been doing this city some good in some places,” said Sellers. “It’s just how you’ve been handling it by handing down unfair burdens on these folks. This isn’t no place to get rich but it’s a wonderful place to live.”

The council also approved of Resolution 13-25, which is against illegal immigration.

“People who enter the United States illegally should not receive any benefits from American taxpayers,” read City Clerk Jeri Gibson. “All United States borders should be totally secured and 100 percent verified and any person in the U.S. illegally should receive no amnesty.”

The council also approved helping the Bonifay Fire Department purchase new doors for the fire station by paying for half of the cost of $4,600.

“They’ve been diligently working for this city no matter what the circumstances,” said Woodham. “When half the city lost power not too long ago they were here searching every corner on their own vehicles. They do so much for this city, we owe them that much at least.”

The next Bonifay City Council meeting is set for 6 p.m. on Aug. 12 at the Bonifay City Hall.